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Set fireworks off with your 4th of July Facebook posts!

Are you trying to think of a great 4th of July Facebook post? Do you want to do something creative? I love any holiday and 4th of July is no exception! This year is especially exciting with the Olympics just around the corner. However, last year as I created multiple 4th of July posts for multiple clients all my posts were looking kind of the same…I used a great Americana image and some copy about having a safe 4th. Good but a bit boring!

When the holiday actually arrived I loved seeing all the cool creative 4th of July social media Facebook posts that flowed through my feed.

I saved a bunch of my favorites from last year so when the 4th rolled around this year I would have an inspiration file and I thought they could give you some last minute inspiration too.

The way I see it…if you use one of these themes your post will succeed.

Try a post that is totally creative related to your company or brand and the holiday


I love Miller Lite’s play on words!


The Monterey Bay Aquarium get’s my award for cutest post!


Shaq also has a very unique and creative post with his red white and blue jerseys!


The Peanuts Movie captured the gang and added fireworks!


Think Anna Griffin Inc. did a beautiful job featuring their scrapbook products in their post.

Go all out with related creative type. 


Linkedin went for creative type AND fireworks while projecting a business image


San Francisco 49ers took the Happy 4th of July approach with their jersey in the background


Really liked USA Today’s approach with the multiple words.


Of course, Hobby Lobby took the religious route given their religious background.


Hallmark Channel USA captured what many people are celebrating.

Given the holiday and the amount of food and drink people are going to be consuming, creative food imagery works great, especially for those planning 4th bashes.


Love Full Plate Living’s fruit post…makes me want to re-create this for my celebration!

Stars & Stripes are great on a more traditional note. But really take advantage and push your creativity!


HGTV went the home decor route with star candles.


Of course I had to look at our armed forces! The U.S. Navy didn’t disappoint.


Love the California Highway’s play on their badge/logo with their trendy type treatment.


Tony Stewart’s strong graphic stood out in my feed.


Walt Disney captured their brand and our iconic flag

Most traditional of all….fireworks!


Go Coast Guard had one of the best fireworks posts!


Loved Dave Ramsey’s integration with his theme and the fireworks tie-in


Barack Obama took the simple route but it really worked!


Great fireworks with the NFL logo very strong!


Loved the Stanford Athletics fireworks post with their athletes watching! Unique viewpoint!

Hope this helps…we’d love to see what you create this year!



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